About Us


We are enthusiasts. We are go-getters. We are GIMMEDAT Outdoors. Our team comes from a variety of backgrounds. Whether it's calling mallards from the marshy reeds, wading belt-deep in search of big browns, or whipping rapids in a kayak, we all share a common bond – we thrive in the outdoors and take every opportunity to compete against its awesomeness. It's what drives us. GIMMEDAT Outdoors is an outward expression of this spirit and how it relates to our natural world. Our motto, Attack Your Passion, leaves no doubt or confusion about our purpose. Join us, wear the Bear and attack your passion in the great outdoors.


GIMMEDAT started its first competitive journey in 2008. Founded in Greenville, South Carolina by brothers Michael, Hagen and Collins Rouse, all former athletes and outdoor enthusiasts, GIMMEDAT provides apparel and accessories to young athletes who are living and loving their sport and dream. Reflecting the Rouse brothers' love for those athletes and their competitive drive, the company took root and became an established brand in the athletic community. In 2015, GIMMEDAT launched the second phase, GIMMEDAT Outdoors, in order to bring that same competitive mindset to the great outdoors. Today GIMMEDAT Outdoors thrives as a brand providing sportsmen, outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers quality apparel and accessories that boldly expresses their passion for the outdoors.


At GIMMEDAT Outdoors, we live and breathe what we do. All of the creativity and enthusiasm you see in our product is a direct reflection of our passion for all things outdoors. Our goal is to provide quality apparel and accessories with trendy designs inspired by authentic, time-honored traditions and new adventures that speak for you. Whether you’re a hunter or a hippie, or a little of both, we want you to feel represented and proud when you wear the Bear. Attack your passion with GIMMEDAT Outdoors.


The Bear symbolizes strength, courage and trust. The Bear commands respect from his environment. Nothing stands in his way. He is awe-inspiring whether he is chilling or in complete attack mode. The Bear is the perfect icon to capture the spirit of GIMMEDAT Outdoors. Whatever it is, wherever it happens…attack your passion and wear the Bear.